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About the AAJ Legacy Initiative


 AAJ Magazine is a South Asian lifestyle magazine geared towards the 18 to 45-year-old South Asian market in Canada.

South Asians are emerging as a new economic, professional, and political force in Canada. The accomplishments of the South Asian community are growing, and this demographic continues to grow even more key.

That’s why we created AAJ Magazine, to help shape the perception of the South Asian community positively and expose the successes of the community while driving discussion about issues of concern to the community.

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Suki Pangalia, CEO, AAJ Magazine
info@aajmag.ca, 604.590.0007

Karen Dosanjh, Editor & Curator, Pioneer Legacies
karen_dosanjh@icloud.com, 604.328.5171

The AAJ Legacy Initiative is a part of the
AAJ Media Group