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Introducing the AAJ Legacy Initiative


The AAJ Legacy Initiative is focused on documenting and preserving the forgotten voices of the first wave of South Asians who immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s from India. Led by Suki Pangalia and Karen Dosanjh, the AAJ Magazine team is introducing an important, new book titled: Untold Stories: The South Asian Pioneer Experience in BC which captures this pivotal time in Canadian history. There are many stories of South Asian early settler families which are still left untold and their voices are a critical yet lost piece of the Canadian record. 

Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy to help educate future generations about the challenges faced by the South Asian pioneers, as well as the significant contributions they made to the rich fabric of our country. At its core, the AAJ Legacy Initiative is intended to genuinely honour and remember the trailblazers who struggled greatly in order to help light the way for the South Asian diaspora. 

Join us as we introduce this monumental project to the broader community on December 8.

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Suki Pangalia, CEO, AAJ Magazine
info@aajmag.ca, 604.590.0007

Karen Dosanjh, Editor & Curator, Pioneer Legacies
karen_dosanjh@icloud.com, 604.328.5171

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