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Why Sponsor this Project?


Preserving an Important Time in Canadian History

Today, critical conversations are continuing about these “forgotten few” South Asians” who immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s from India. Their stories are relatively untold and are an important and yet lost piece of the Canadian record. This project aims to document and share the stories of the early pioneers in order to preserve their legacy for future generations.

Target Audience

With an initial run of 50,000 copies, this AAJ Legacy Initiative will be distributed to BC schools, colleges and universities, libraries, community and business centres. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy that will help document and educate future generations about the challenges faced by the South Asian pioneers, as well as their significant contributions to the rich fabric of Canada.

Sponsorship in this historic publication is exclusive with limited ad space available. This ensures you gain visibility and generations people will appreciate your deep commitment to preserving Sikh Canadian history.


Suki Pangalia, CEO, AAJ Magazine
info@aajmag.ca, 604.590.0007

Karen Dosanjh, Editor & Curator, Pioneer Legacies
karen_dosanjh@icloud.com, 604.328.5171

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