Suki Pangalia

Founder/ Publisher/ CEO  of AAJ Media Group

Suki Pangalia was born in Bengal, India and arrived in Canada in 1977, with his mother and six other siblings. He was raised by his late mother, Surinder Pangalia, who is his inspiration and a guiding force for his life’s ambition. His vision and aim have always has been supporting, loving and caring for humanity by providing unconditional support, advocacy and service to others for creating social change and justice. He continues to support and advocate for families in need. His inspiration comes from the community and their stories.

Growing up was difficult and he faced many challenges and hardships. During the young years, Suki was surrounded by many individuals: pessimistic as well as optimistic. The decision was his, which way he would go; he chose to give back to the community and continues to do so.

Suki is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of the AAJ Media Group established in 1997, now consisting of AAJ Magazine, AAJ Television and AAJ Radio. Currently, AAJ television has four programs airing on Shaw multicultural channels. Suki has always been known as a community leader and cultural ambassador who continues to strive to develop platforms for people to engage, start a dialogue and create positive social outcomes.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of the award-winning dance and art academy ‘Rangeela Dance School’, ‘Academy of Indian Arts and Dance’, which was established in 1994. Rangeela had locations across North America and won many international awards. His aim was to teach and inspire the South Asian community through the arts, culture, dance, language, and heritage.  Suki was also a creator of a Multicultural Mascot, Rangy Baba.    Rangeela had over 20,000 students and cultivated the passions of children, youth and families and produced many best selling artists, accomplished dancers and former students who went on to open their own dance schools to promote South Asian culture to future generations. Rangeela won many awards and stood first internationally 7-10 years in a row.

Suki has a degree in Child and Youth counselling and has worked for the Delta School Board and Children’s Foundation as a child and youth counsellor. He was also a staff counsellor of a transition home with Mountainside Community services and a drug and alcohol counsellor. He was an Aboriginal Counsellor with the Surrey School Board and is currently providing Child Protection and supervised access work to the community with Journey Child Protection and Family Services as a volunteer.

Suki is a retired commissioned officer of the Canadian Armed forces (CIC) with Captain Qualifications. He is qualified as a Range Safety Officer, Orienteering Instructor and Training Officer. He was also the platoon commander of Echo Company at the VACC. He is currently a board member of White Rock Multicultural Society and has been a long-standing member of the Child and Youth Association of British Columbia. He was Vice-Chair of 3300 British Columbia Regiment Cadet Corp that he assisted in establishing. He was member of the Lions Club, National Indo-Canadian Counsel (NICC), Oasis, Mosaic and India Club.

He has been awarded medal of honour for community work by Maritime Forces Pacific, stand to action award by SEEDS, Best editor award by Harjinder Thind. He has professional partnership with Consulate General of India (Vancouver), BC Children’s Hospital, Surrey Museum, Surrey Board of Trade, Gujarati Society of Vancouver, Art Vancouver, and BC India Network.

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